Our Customers Get Incredible Results With Their Customer Stories.

  • 500% greater CTR on email campaigns 

  • 40% increase in CTR on ad campaigns

  • 5X greater engagement on social post

  • 15% increase in organic landing page conversions


“Our average sales cycle is probably 2 to 3 months, but when we posted our first video, we got a sale pretty quickly, a $ 40,000 sale

~ Samantha Micatrotto, Marketing Manager at Spear Education


“TeraLeap has been a great fit to help collect some of these testimonials, we feel like it’s been a great investment of our time

~ Ken Dieselman, VP of Marketing at Nanohive Medical


“We were impressed by not only the production and quality but also its price. It was everything that we were looking for.

~ Paul Danao, Chief Growth Officer at WellRight


“For every customer story, I was expending 5 to 6 hours doing it myself and now it’s just nice to know that with TeraLeap is just a neat and tidy hour

~ Grant Genske, Director of Digital Strategy at Loop Media


“Since we partner with TeraLeap, the thought of creating a video testimonial is not scary. They make the process so easy for everybody involved.”

~ Jodi Coverly, Senior Marketing Manager at CycleLabs


“We ultimately decided on TeraLeap  because it seemed like the end-to-end solution, we were able to take advantage of the very deep, very specific expertise they have”

~  Beth Harwood, VP of Marketing at Prismatic


“Partnering with someone like TeraLeap really takes that anxiety, takes that load off of your plate

~ Katie Witmer, VP at Redline Athletics


“The results have been outstanding! First, just the ability to get the testimonials has been a game changer and get them done in such high quality.”

~ Mark Currier, Marketing Director at CLD


“TeraLeap clearly has a process that is easy to navigate as a customer, but also a process that our customers would find very comfortable going through.”

~ Cynthia Fidel, Mktg Engagement&Analytics Mgr. at Global CTI


“My initial hesitancy was, the cost, but it was unbelievably affordable. From the lighting to the post-production transitions, everything looked extremely professional.

~ Drew Detzler, CMO at Demand Jump


“I’d recommend TeraLeap for anybody looking to find a turnkey cost-effective way to create video testimonials on an ongoing basis.”

~ Luke Wallace, CMO at Greenfig


“I would recommend TeraLeap because they are so fast, efficient, smart, professional, and produce content that I can use in a million different ways.”

~ Sarah Allen-Short, VP Marketing at Chain.io


“All of our customers have been really excited about the process, and how efficient it was, and how easy it was, and how professional the interview went, and how good the result was.”

~ Dennis Looijenga, HOC Marketing at Foleon


“We were blown away! And the only thing people wanted to know is when are we getting the next one.This process scales, which was the biggest challenge we had before.”

~ Matt Benati, VP Marketing at ClearGov


“So that is the real value to me. It’s the high quality end result, and then it’s the process that we’re following that makes it easy for my team.

~ William Wickey, Head of Growth at Vitally


“Your product is helping us increase our revenue utilizing assets that we didn’t think we could create.”

~ Jessie Bumgarner, Director of Marketing at Cargo Chief


“I would happily recommend TeraLeap and then also the quality of the content we got out of it was fantastic.”

~ Sam Blount, HOS and CS at Filestage


“Getting quality video is hard, and getting people who aren’t actors actually telling their stories is even harder. TeraLeap has been a fantastic partner in helping us tell customer’s stories.”

~ Mike Alonzo, VP of Experience at BoodleAI


“My main concerns were really the time that was going to be involved for me and for my customers and the cost. And, with TeraLeap, neither one of those has been an issue.

~ Sarah Allen-Short, VP of Marketing at Give and Take


“The customer stories product at TeraLeap is an all-in-one, out-of-the-box, don’t do any work package. It truthfully was so easy.”

~ Charlie Holcomb, Marketing Manager at Docket


They just do it for us. It’s not just so much the shooting of the video. It’s the editing, putting music, and words, and graphics, and really making the video interesting and compelling for someone else to watch.”

~ Mark Kapczynski, CMO at Gooten


“For the price that TeraLeap offers their services, it is kind of risk-free in terms of what the quality is. The turnaround time is insane. I’ve never worked with anybody who can do it faster and at that level of quality.

~ Jay Combs, Director of Product Marketing at Evisort


“We’re already seeing early wins. So being able to show customer love in a polished way was really critical to the fundraising process.”

~ Darren Chait, COO at Hugo


“TeraLeap has really become a secret weapon in our marketing arsenal because it helps us to put our customer’s voice out there. Not just a marketing message that you read on our site.”

~ Rob Henshaw,  Co-Founder & CMO at Cameyo


“We have worked with TeraLeap in a variety of ways. We created a customer video, a specific video for a tradeshow, and videos that highlight our products and services.”

~ Matthew Royse, Marketing Director at Syntax


“What is amazing about working with TeraLeap is that even though they are recording remotely, they make sure the quality is as high as possible.

~ Annerieke Kortier,Content Marketing Manager at StackState


“It a very professional and easy solution.. it was a series of.. this all makes sense.”

~ DJ Haskins, Senior Director Of Marketing at Engageware


“We just didn’t have the team or the technology to be able to deliver high-quality customer story videos and to scale doing that in a really easy and cost-effective way.”

~ Liv Anderman, VP Marketing at Findem


“TeraLeap makes sure that this process can be easily understandable for a non-media person like me.”

~ Jaymin Kotecha, Head of Business at HyperTrack


“It’s really worth the money, is turnkey, way easier than anything else you are going to do to get social proof.”

~ Chad Jackson, Director of Marketing at SalesLeap


“They made it so easy and comfortable to do. That I immediately knew we needed to do this with our clients.”

~ Patty Hilger, President/COO at GenesisHR Solutions


“TeraLeap has been influential in elevating Strateos to a new level of video marketing.

~ Marc Siladi, Senior Director of Marketing/Executive Director at Strateos


“TeraLeap brings a high level of quality and professionalism at a cost than its much more affordable.

~ Chris Bingham, Founder at ShipSimply


“I’d recommend TeraLeap to any company that’s looking to put their customer story at the forefront in a really polished, professional and easy way.”

~ Brendan Weitz, Co-Founder at Journey.io 


“TeraLeap has really been, kind of, that one-stop shop that handles all communication, all coordination, and just making it really easy for our customers to record these videos.”

~ Steve Eastlack, Marketing Manager at Surefire Local


“We knew we needed to do these, and the opportunity to have this offloaded from us was a really great opportunity.”

~ Clay Walsh, Marketing and Communications Director at The Wild


“After we started to do it, and we got the first one back, and we realized how pain-free, and how quick a process it was, the aha moment was like, hey, why didn’t we do this earlier?.

~ Tom Shoemaker, VP of Product Marketing at Propel


“The content that we’ve gotten from TeraLeap has been totally professional grade, totally ready to just sort of put out without a second thought across all of our channels.

~ John Bender, Director of Marketing at Crowdbotics

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