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Build Trust and Close Sales With

Customer Stories

Capture your best client testimonials that build buyer confidence and drive sales—all without a video crew and at a price that you can afford.

what Research says


Customers read online reviews before buying anything


Consumers say it increase their trust in a business


Consumers trust video testimonials and reviews

Turn Visitors Into Customers

What if there was a simple and effective way to remove doubt and build trust to gain more customers and increase revenue?

With Customer Stories, you can accomplish just that. It’s the perfect way to increase conversions, maximize advertising R.O.I., and reach higher close rates by using real-life success stories from your customers.

Even better, we can create these engaging stories for you all without a video crew, done from the comfort of your customer’s home or office at a fraction of the typical cost for this level of video production quality.

User Cases

Testimonials + Case Studies

“I’m positive these are going to drive a lot more leads with better conversion” 

– Ariel Assaraf, CEO

“The barrier to entry is so small and the gains are so big – I don’t see a reason not to do it!”

– Brandon Andersen, CEO


How do you capture the testimonials?

We use a licensed technology allowing us to talk live with them (similar to Zoom) but allows us to take control of their smartphone or webcam capturing the highest quality recording possible, all while instructing them on the best shot setup and content delivery.

Can I customize the questions asked?

Yes! While we’ve done the research of the ideal questions to ask, during our on-boarding process together we customize it to best match your industry and the ideal story you want to tell.

What if I have difficulty getting a customer to give a testimonial?

We get it! There are just certain clients that are hard to nail down. For that reason, we’ve invested our time into creating a proprietary process and workflow that takes the weight off your team while making it easier for your customer to say yes. Schedule a call with us and we’d be happy to share more details!

Do you edit the videos?

Yes, each video is highly edited for optimal engagement and brevity. Each customer interview is about 15-20 minutes long, but we edit that content down to a final runtime of 1-2 minutes with captivating text callouts, graphics, music, and other high quality visuals.

What do the videos look like? Can you share some samples?

Sure! During our discovery call we will walk you through the entire process including finished client videos on screen.

The Results Are In. Stories Sell.