7 Lucrative Ways To Turbocharge Marketing + Sales With Your Video Case Studies

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Have you ever heard anything like this at your company?

  • “Lead gen is dropping and we don’t know what to do about it”
  • “Our sales cycle is way too long”
  • “We have to lift these conversion rates”
  • “Prospects. Are. Just. Not. Getting. It.” 

Maybe you have. They’re common problems for companies of any size. 

But they can be serious problems too. 

And they’re made worse by the prevailing wisdom that says there’s no one way to fix them.  

But we don’t think that’s true. 

Because video testimonials can turbocharge your marketing, boost your sales figures, and even improve your product.

And that’s just for starters.

But let’s be clear here. 

When we say “using your video testimonials”…

We’re not talking about leaving them up on some secluded, dusty page on your website, only to be discovered by the most dedicated of prospects. 

We’re talking about taking what is quite possibly the most versatile marketing asset in the world and putting it to work across your whole funnel. From lead gen to closing the sale. 

Enabling you to boost KPIs and sales figures with relative ease. 

Because by combining a clever interview process, the power of video, the trustworthiness of real customers speaking candidly, and the engaging stories that emerge – you get a swiss army knife for your company.

Because it doesn’t do only one thing. 

Video testimonials are a tool that, when wielded skillfully, solve multiple problems. 


  • Increase return on ad spend
  • Build trust
  • Close deals faster
  • Get more proposals seen
  • Convince prospects your solution works
  • Generate more leads
  • And increase web traffic

Not to mention using them like we’re going to show you will make you look like a total ROI rockstar for figuring out how to squeeze all of that out of assets you’ve already got lying around. 

And because your success with video testimonials is our success, we’ve produced a series to show you with simple, actionable steps how to make:

  • More money
  • More leads
  • And better products

From your humble video testimonials. 

The Trust-Building Power of Video:

If you’re raising a cautious eyebrow at this stage, that’s fair.

So let’s bring an important fact into the conversation around video case studies when compared to their written counterparts.  

If you’ve read our guide on Customer Advocacy, you might remember one mind-blowing stat about customer testimonials: 

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

The takeaway: There’s a powerful trust factor in user-generated content. 

Prospects know that your written case study was made by you. Their guard is up. 

Trusting what you say about your product or service is hard because they know you’re far from unbiased.

But a real person talking about their real experience with you is implicitly trustworthy. 

They have no reason to lie.

And while people can be bribed to lie in written reviews (like on Amazon)…

Doing that on camera is practically impossible, and easy to detect. 

So by combining the power of testimonials with video, you get something unique – compelling, influential, and trustworthy content.

Which can be repurposed across your funnel to supercharge your teams and support the customer journey.

We’d like to show you how to do exactly that in our series.

(And don’t worry – it’s completely free)

Emotionally Charged Content

Video is uniquely powerful when it comes to persuasion.   

A review of the role of video marketing in SMEs reported: 

“…video marketing presents opportunities for businesses to evoke emotions and to appeal to the needs of their audiences.”1

Because video is so effective at eliciting emotion it can be used to cut through the sales shield that we all carry to avoid clickbait, scams, and sketchy promises.

It gets to the heart of your prospect’s problems and shows them a solution is possible. 

It says – “other people have been where you are, and they got to where you want to be.”

And that emotional element is versatile: including video during sales outreach has been shown to increase response rates by over 70%2

In fact, according to the findings of a survey by Statista in 2021, pre-produced videos were the leading digital consumer engagement tactic worldwide, with roughly 81 percent of marketing experts using them in their marketing efforts.

Interestingly, the survey also found that ~50% of global businesses add videos to their email promotions and their landing pages. 

We have two articles in our series dedicated to email and web conversions.

As Statista notes: “In an increasingly mobile-first world, videos on small handheld screens are more engaging and easier to consume than written text.”3

In other words: Video is a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

But customer-produced video content is far more versatile than pre-produced product explainers and slick ads.


Because they can be repurposed as explainers and ads, as you’ll see in articles 2 and 3.

What you’ll be discovering (for free): 

It’s taken years for us to gather these ideas, test them, and put them into a concise guide, and we are beyond excited to share it with you. 

We’ve spared no expense and left no stone unturned in creating this series. 

But that doesn’t mean it’ll cost you anything. 

In fact, our entire guide is totally free.

However, here is fair warning…

This is quite likely the world’s most comprehensive guide to utilizing the ultimate marketing asset. It’s long, there’s a lot of new ideas and approaches to cover. 

As a result, it’s spread across 7 articles.

But once you know how to use these assets, you’ll be able repurpose them for your needs in mere minutes. 

In fact our first article shows you how to do exactly that. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll be getting in each article:

  1. The Superstar Of Sales Enablement That You’re Probably Not Using
    A simple tool no one uses that boosts sales enablement and empowers your marketing team. 
  2. Cranking Your Web Conversions
    See how video testimonials can be used on your website to increase conversions and build trust. 
  3. APRIL: The Formula For Unignorable Ads And 4x ROAS
    We’ll reveal our very own formula that netted us a tidy 4X+ on our ad spend, and show you how to do the same.
  4. Video Case Studies on Social Media For Fun And Profit
    You’ll see how to repurpose video testimonials for content and ads on social media, plus the latest stats on the largest platforms.
  5. Supercharged Email Marketing
    Discover how you can use your video case studies to increase your open rates, boost your CTR, and even close more proposals.
  6. Powering Up Your Events
    Use your video case studies to engage your audience, build trust at talks and expos, and generate greater attention and engagement without extra effort. 
  7. Irresistible Insights For Better Training 
    See how, using our own examples, you can level up your marketing and sales team, improve your products, and support your customer success teams using video testimonials. 

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Giving you plenty of time to put what you learn into practice and reap all the rewards.

We can’t wait to share it with you. 

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Get trust-building customer video testimonials 5X faster

Get trust-building customer video testimonials 5X faster

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A Simple Guide to Get More Testimonials

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