Grow your company faster with trust building video testimonials

Easily capture the story of why your customers love you with done-for-you remote video testimonial interviews.

TeraLeap crafts testimonials that help these companies grow:

Don't let lack of resources or time stop you from creating video testimonials that convert.

There’s a lot on your plate and it’s easy for video testimonials to get left behind. Yet your best trust-building tool is your happiest customers proving you can deliver exactly the outcomes your prospects want. This is how you’ll help shorten your sales cycle and reach your growth goals. 

Let us manage the tricky parts of getting video testimonials while you reap the rewards of the increased conversions.

This is how you get gorgeous video testimonials, on auto-pilot

Remote yet beautiful

Forget Zoom. Here’s what you get:

  • A pro lighting, audio, and filming kit shipped to each customer
  • A technology platform built for 4K video and ease of use 
  • A video director to guide them through set-up and recording
  • A professional interviewer using story-centric techniques
  • And full-suite editing with multiple deliverables and revisions

So you get studio-quality video testimonials that show your prospects how great you really are. And your customers look great too.


Hands off process

Seamless process. Stunning results.

Introduce your customers to us and you’re done. From there you can be as involved (or not) as you want. So you can finally get your best customers on camera, while taking one more thing off your plate.

“I can just trust that with TeraLeap, I don’t have to deal with the logistics and the back and forth. And I know I will have a consistent quality product.”

Luke Wallace
CMO | GreenFig

Critical customer care

An interview is an extension of your customer service.

That’s why your customers and clients are given the white glove treatment from our experienced editorial team who guide them through the process with a gentle hand. So they don’t just look good sharing their success – they feel great doing it.

“The process was very simple and our clients have told us it was easy. They were comfortable, it wasn’t a hassle.”

Aviva Gold

Quality and quantity

Getting studio-quality video testimonials at scale.

Since there’s no studio to hire and no film crew to employ you get quality video testimonials for a fraction of the traditional cost. Giving you an unbeatable ROI and a bank of assets to bring in new customers and clients.

“The results have been outstanding first, just the ability to get the testimonials has been a game changer and get them done in a way that’s of a high quality, to show clients that we value their time and investment.”

Mark Currier

IT’s so easy

Sell faster by answering your prospects
questions with your customers’ words

You worked hard for your wins. Let them work hard for you.

When your to-do list is growing as fast as your company it’s easy for testimonials to get left behind. But your best trust-building tool is your happy customers standing where your prospects want to be.

Every success story that goes untold is a powerful lever your marketing and sales teams can’t use to help prospects move through your funnel.

Let us manage the tricky parts of video testimonials while you reap all the rewards.

Grow faster with trust-building
on every
webpage & campaign 

Let the customers that love you tell the whole world

Quality Guarantee

You’ll love your first video testimonial. But if you don’t for any reason, we’ll provide a full refund. 

No quibbles. No fuss. No problem.

Trial and Annual Plans Available

Want to start out small with just a handful of stories? Need an automated solution to capture them regularly? 

We have a variety of plans to suit your needs. 

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A Simple Guide to Get More Testimonials

A Simple Guide to Get More Testimonials

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