How to Transform Your Video Titles into Traffic Magnets (With Examples!)

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How do you stand out among the 3.7 million videos that are posted to YouTube every day? It starts with a title that screams "watch me now!"

YouTube is a competitive platform with literally millions of videos vying for attention. With so many options available, viewers are quick to scroll past videos that don’t catch their eye—and your customer testimonials and expert story videos are already at a disadvantage due to their B2B content and drier tone.

But so what if you’re not a cat video or makeup tutorial? You can still make your videos irresistibly watchable with a few key title tweaks.

Four tips for creating traffic-magnet video titles

#1: Make it searchable.

Build the titles around keywords and questions your audience is asking. Not only does this improve your chances of showing up in search results, these titles are highly clickable because viewers know exactly what they can accomplish by watching your video. For maximum traction, put the main keyword first.


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#2: Craft intriguing titles & test for results.

Intriguing titles are attention-grabbing and surprising. They often use humor, wordplay, or pop culture references to stand out and capture viewers’ interest—yes, even in B2B! Unlike searchable titles, intriguing titles appeal to viewers who may not be looking for topic-specific content. Experiment with both types of titles to see which resonate.


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#3: Think like a magazine headline writer.

Whether it’s a searchable title or an intriguing title, it should read like a catchy slogan or magazine headline. Use power words, emotive language and numbers to pique interest—but don’t go overboard. Use ALL CAPS and emojis sparingly; you’re B2B not a tabloid gossip column! 

Put the most important words in the first 30 characters so they’re visible even when YouTube cuts the title partially off.

Power words: Ultimate, proven, guaranteed, exclusive, insider, revolutionary

Emotive language: Reveal, discover, shocking, surprising, inspiring, incredible

Numbers: 10X, 100%, $1M, #1 hack, 7 Secrets to…, 10 Tips for…

#4: Don't mislead.

Two great examples of YouTube B2B video titles

1. Example of a B2B testimonial / case study video that's anything but boring.

BACA System

Title: BACA Uses AI to Do the Heavy Lifting of Sales | Salesforce

Why it works:

  • Short, sweet and punchy.
  • Built around a customer pain point (the hard work of sales.
  • Relatable, human language (“heavy lifting” not “intensive sales effort”).
  • Uses the keyword / trending topic  “AI” to appeal to a tech-savvy audience.
  • Viewers can immediately see this is a Salesforce case study thanks to the title structure and brand mention.

❌ Don’t use the same text in the title and thumbnail. It’s a missed opportunity to add more info and capture attention.

#2: Example of a searchable, keyword-driven B2B how-to video.

Title: How to Create a Landing Page (FREE Landing Page Builder)

✅ Why it works:

  • Built around keywords to reach an already-engaged audience.
  • Capitals used sparingly to emphasize the title’s power word—FREE.
  • Written in the familiar “how to” structure that viewers already know and trust.
  • Ultra-specific value proposition—tells viewers exactly what they’re getting with no fluff.


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