How Video Testimonials Propeled Prismatic's Brand Recognition and Sales Success.

Prismatic, a software company specializing in integration platforms, faced a common challenge in their marketing efforts: lacking social proof.

Beth Harwood, VP of Marketing and Co-founder at Prismatic, highlighted the struggle: “We have very happy customers and no easy way to show prospects those stories.” The lack of social proof hindered their ability to effectively communicate the value of their product to potential customers.

Additionally, as pioneers in a relatively new software category, Prismatic encountered the unique challenge of educating their target audience about their solution. Beth explained, “We serve software companies, and by definition, software companies tend to think first about building solutions in-house.”

Convincing prospects of the necessity and effectiveness of their product amidst this mindset was an uphill battle.

Seeking to address their challenge, Prismatic turned to TeraLeap for a solution. TeraLeap provided an end-to-end video testimonial production service, alleviating the burden of in-house video production.

Beth appreciated TeraLeap’s prepared interview script, stating, “They came prepared with an interview script that they know worked from having done this over and over.”

Moreover, TeraLeap’s expertise in crafting compelling narratives allowed Prismatic to overcome potential hurdles in conveying their message effectively.

“TeraLeap was able to put together the footage into a really nice succinct video testimonial that really told about a problem seeking a solution and the results side of it.”

With TeraLeap’s assistance, Prismatic achieved notable results in their marketing efforts.

They were able to feature high-quality video testimonials on their website, enhancing their brand’s credibility and trustworthiness.

“Having solid video testimonials that don’t look like they were just produced with a fraction of somebody’s time in-house is really important.”

Furthermore, Prismatic leveraged the video testimonials across various channels, including trade shows and social media, to engage prospects effectively. Beth highlighted, “We’ve made them highly available to our account execs so that they can share them with prospects as needed.”

The compelling narratives resonated with potential customers, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

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