How Global CTI achieved 40% social media engagement with video testimonials!

Global CTI is a company that provides communication solutions for businesses of all sizes and is an expert at understanding the demands placed on IT teams to ensure reliable connectivity. Global CTI wanted to include video testimonials as part of their marketing assets, but they faced significant challenges in traditional video production, including high costs, logistical complexities, and the time burden on both their team and customers.

“We know that’s a point of differentiation, as there aren’t very many companies our size in our category that are using customer testimonials well, and we really wanted to include customer testimonials.” Cynthia Fidel, Marketing Engagement and Analytics Manager at Global CTI

Cynthia Fidel, Marketing Engagement and Analytics Manager at Global CTI, highlighted, “I’ve worked with production companies all across the country, and you know it can be very costly to go on location to bring a crew to rig lighting, and then, of course, all the post-production, putting testimonials together after the fact. Not to mention the impact on the customer’s time.” 

She emphasized the need for professionally produced content that aligns with their brand image and effectively showcases their wraparound service differentiation. “But they really didn’t represent our brand. You know, as a technology company, we really need to make sure that everything we put out there looks well-produced, looks like we are using the right technology, and looks like we are investing in our company.” 

Additionally, Cynthia expressed the frustration of having past testimonial efforts fall short in representing the brand well and integrating seamlessly with their website redesign. “And we just found that the ones we had done in the past, again, did not represent the brand well, weren’t well-produced, and they didn’t go with this brand new, fresh, high-tech website that we had created.”

By leveraging TeraLeap’s expertise and technology, Global CTI was able to overcome logistical hurdles, reduce resource strain, and maintain control over the content’s quality and branding.

“How it represented your business, and that really resonated with all of the conversations that I had been having internally with Global CTI’s leadership. You know, we are really looking for an alternative to going out and shooting these videos ourselves. The time, the investment, the intrusion on the customer, and the TeraLeap Elite process seemed to bypass quite a bit of that. And still, the product that I was seeing online looked really professional and very polished.” Cynthia Fidel, Marketing Engagement and Analytics Manager at Global CTI

Cynthia highlighted the simplicity and transparency of TeraLeap’s approach, from initial discovery calls to post-production collaboration. “We started to look at TeraLeap as a potential option for us to create our customer testimonials; you know, we did a lot of research. We looked at some other companies, and really, we found that the TeraLeap Elite process and the transparency in terms of how they go about capturing these customer testimonials made us very comfortable with their process.”

Global CTI successfully integrated high-quality video testimonials into their marketing efforts, resulting in improved engagement metrics and increased credibility among prospects. 

“We also use our TeraLeap videos on our social media pages. So, especially on LinkedIn, we find great leads that come from there. And we’ve seen really high clickthroughs up to 30 and 40% on some of our postings.” Cynthia Fidel, Marketing Engagement and Analytics Manager at Global CTI

Also, TeraLeap’s process allowed for personalized involvement and minimized the time and effort required from both Global CTI’s marketing team and their customers.

“They clearly have a process that is easy to navigate as a customer, but also a process that our customers would find very comfortable going through.” Cynthia Fidel, Marketing Engagement and Analytics Manager at Global CTI

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