5 Benefits of Adding a Testimonial Video to Your Business

1. Enhanced Credibility In the digital age, trust is a currency as valuable as any other, and a video testimonial can significantly enhance the credibility of your business. Customers often seek reassurance that they are making the right decision, and hearing positive experiences directly from peers can be incredibly persuasive. Authenticity is key in testimonials, […]

Sales Enablement Content: Leveraging Customer Videos

Learn how a video-powered sales enablement content strategy will fuel peak sales performance with minimum sweat In today’s B2B salescape, buyers hold all the cards.  They have more options, more choices, and access to more information than ever before.  In fact, almost half of your prospects will spend at least seven months researching the marketplace, […]

Maximizing revenue with customer video testimonials

Everything You Need to Know About Creating Customer Video Testimonials That Drive Business Your business has made an incredible impact on the lives of your customers. You know it, your customers know it, but do your prospects?  Having thrilled customers who recognize your value is only helpful in increasing revenue if you can capture and […]

Irresistible Customer Insights For Better Training

Welcome to our final article in the 7 use cases for video testimonials series.  By now you’ve learned how to use video testimonials to… But your customer success stories aren’t just useful for marketing and sales. They’re honest accounts of your service and product, and the data within is a gold mine that’s worth way […]

Powering Up Your Events

We’ve had some pretty long articles in this series.  So to give us you a break we’ve condensed this next one down. And honestly, it wasn’t hard. Because this idea is so simple to implement.  But first, a quick reminder.  Our series comes down to this: There are so many ways you can reuse your […]

Supercharged Email Marketing

Email marketing has, by far, the greatest ROI of all marketing channels at $36 returned for every dollar spent.A1 So what happens when we introduce video into our email marketing efforts? Big things.  Like… And turning some of those customer success stories into gifs can be a useful weapon in your email campaign arsenal: Reports […]

A Simple Guide to Get More Testimonials

A Simple Guide to Get More Testimonials

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