We’re Breaking Down Top YouTube B2B Video Thumbnails To Show You What Works

Ever wonder how YouTube’s current highest earner Mr Beast crafts thumbnails that everyone clicks on? Find out as we explore the tactics used by top B2B creators to create irresistible thumbnails for their videos. YouTube thumbnails are those small, clickable images you see before you decide to watch a video. Despite their size, they pack […]

8 Steps to Better B2B YouTube Video Descriptions

Like the blurb on a book cover, your video description helps viewers decide if your video is worth their time. It’s also the main place to encourage viewers to subscribe, download something, or otherwise engage, so you need to take it seriously. Compared to producing high-quality video testimonials, coming up with YouTube video descriptions may […]

How to Transform Your Video Titles into Traffic Magnets (With Examples!)

How do you stand out among the 3.7 million videos that are posted to YouTube every day? It starts with a title that screams “watch me now!” YouTube is a competitive platform with literally millions of videos vying for attention. With so many options available, viewers are quick to scroll past videos that don’t catch […]

How to Craft a Compelling Video Thumbnail for YouTube

How do you grab your prospect’s attention when posting your video testimonial or other marketing content on YouTube? It all starts with creating compelling thumbnail images. Mr Beast, one of the most successful YouTubers, reportedly invests $10,000 to design each thumbnail image of his videos—that’s how important they are. Luckily, you don’t have to spend […]

Why Do Advertisers Use Video Testimonials?

Advertisers are increasingly leveraging video testimonials as a potent tool to influence consumer behavior and enhance brand credibility. These testimonials capture authentic customer experiences, creating a sense of trust and relatability that can significantly impact purchasing decisions. The following article delves into the psychology behind video testimonials, strategies for crafting them, their impact on consumer […]

B2B Video Marketing: Our 7 Trends for 2024

Your business will benefit from more video content this year but with so many strategies and tactics available, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article, I’m exploring seven trends in B2B video marketing that are set to dominate in 2024 and beyond. Let’s get one thing straight—video isn’t just a […]

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A Simple Guide to Get More Testimonials

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