Vitally Success Story 


William Wicky is the Head of Growth at Vitally, a customer success platform that makes it easy to gather all your customer-facing data in one place. William understood the tremendous value of video testimonials for sales, marketing, and company morale. Having already worked with TeraLeap at another company, he knew he wanted to go back to them again.

Video testimonials: an unparalleled value

Testimonials are one of the most valuable pieces of content you can create as a marketer or as someone creating sales enablement content. They are the voice of your customer. And those are going to be highly impactful when you’re going out and speaking with prospects. Social proof and social trust is paramount. So anytime you can get your customers to say nice things about you, you want to maximize that and put as much polish on it as possible.

Video testimonials were one of the very first things I did when I came on board at Vitally—one of the first pieces of content we prioritized. And Vitally is fortunate to have lots of very happy customers, lots of great G2 reviews, lots of glowing customer quotes, but no one really knew that. We didn’t have a way to showcase it. And we wanted to leverage one of our most valuable assets, our customer. So prioritizing filming video case studies was one of the first things that I had on the calendar when I came on board.

A proven solution

Shooting a great testimonial video traditionally takes a lot of time. It takes scheduling with the participant, it takes the prep work to get them familiarized with the process and what exactly you want them to say. So there is a lot of bandwidth on the marketing end that goes into getting the commitment, getting the customer set up, actually filming and producing that case study in addition to the cost. So those are the traditional things that you have to consider when shooting a customer testimonial. This is actually the second company I’ve been with where I’ve used TeraLeap. TeraLeap was a customer of the previous organization I was with and we saw the solution. I knew that the process was brilliant, was exactly what I was looking for. And I’m surprised someone else hadn’t done it. So we shot a handful of case studies, they turned out really well. I grew with them at that company. And now, here at Vitally, we’re doubling down and it is one of the first things I wanted to shoot.

Entice your prospects, thrill your team

We’ve already got a handful in the can and have more scheduled, so I’m happy with what we’ve been able to produce. So far, the team has been really happy with the results. Across the board, just internally at the company, people are thrilled to see our happy customers speaking out on our behalf. The folks who are managing our paid demand generation efforts love having these assets in hand. The sales team is using them during sales conversations. Our CTO actually emailed me the other day and wanted a copy of the video to share in some recruiting materials that he was putting together for scaling out the development team. And most importantly, I’m happy because we’re not spending a bunch of time and resources producing these high value assets. It’s an important thing for us to get filmed. But I have other things to focus on. And knowing that the whole process is in good hands with TeraLeap is a weight off my shoulders. I’m so happy to have gotten done what we’ve been able to do so far.

Film once, use everywhere and forever

We use case studies in a variety of campaigns. Case Studies touch essentially every single prospect who is coming through the buying process at some point, oftentimes they’re generating leads. So we have campaigns on LinkedIn, where we’re specifically cutting the video to work great natively on LinkedIn, and we’re seeing leads come through there. Most of our landing pages also feature a case study or at least a link to one. So if a customer or prospect is not touching a case study at that point from the original inception, they’re getting shared on a case study that is specific to their industry during the sales process. So for us, the ROI is clear, the impact is clear. These are pieces of content that are impacting every single prospect that comes through the pipeline. Producing high quality video is the number one box to tick. We need to have good production value. The customer that we’re filming needs to walk away feeling good about the process, and the end result is what matters most at the end of the day. But the process the TeraLeap is following in terms of the automated scheduling, tracking of the video production through their dashboard, all that makes it really easy to know where we stand with content that’s coming through the pipe.

Manage as much—or as little as you like

We’re usually scheduling a couple case studies at once. And they’re in various stages of production at any given time. The visibility I have into where things stand is extremely helpful. And the whole process end to end is a series of emails between myself, TeraLeap, and the customer. I sit down in the videos to hear what our customers are saying. But it all runs very automatically. So that is the real value to me. It’s the high quality end result, and then it’s the process that we’re following that makes it easy for my team. I’d recommend nearly everyone, if you’re a B2B company, especially have a conversation with TeraLeap, see what they can do for you. You should be filming case studies one way or another. I think the easiest way to do it is with TeraLeap.

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