Gooten Success Story


Mark Kapczynski is the Chief Marketing Officer at Gooten, a smart supply chain provider that combines data technology and on-demand or print-on-demand manufacturing techniques to produce items in apparel, wall art, and home decor, for brands and retailers all around the world. When Mark needed to express Gooten’s passion, service, and value, he turned to TeraLeap to record the company’s executives on video.


Maximizing Your Vision

When we first started talking with TeraLeap about doing some videos, initially we were thinking we would just use them for testimonials. That was part of their bread and butter, and that’s what they had shown as their original work. But we started to get to know them, and shared with them some other ideas of having executives give some testimonials from an inside-the-company point of view. It was really a collaborative process. We came to them and said we’re not ready to do customer testimonials yet, but we really want our executives to have a voice through video to share what we do. And so it was a collaborative process where we had an idea, they came back to us, they actually added ideas and suggestions we never would have thought of, and then we worked through a series of questions that we would be asking. And through the whole production process, they actually ran the show. So we really took advantage of sitting back and letting Alexander and his team figure out how to get the most out of the participants that were being recorded.

Finding Your Strongest Voice

We try to create a lot of different types of content. Whether it’s testimonials from our customers, or editorial content, to even videos we create from our various executives. And a lot of what we see in the market, especially as a b2b marketer, is that other businesses want to get to know not just the company, but who are the executives behind the company. And so we’d like to create a variety of different videos where each of our executives can share their voice in terms of what their role is within the company, why it’s important, why they love even working at Gooten and the value they bring on behalf of Gooten to our customer base.

Helping You Build Trust

We love to produce testimonials and case studies about work that we do with our customers. Their business is closely aligned with ours. And as part of that process, there’s a real sense of trust in each other that we work on. They have to trust that we’re going to deliver for them, we have to trust that they’re going to be able to market and grow their businesses. Having testimonials gives us that extension of trust that if a particular brand is working with Gooten already, and they trust us enough where they’re willing to share their experience with us to help others, that’s creating this halo of trust that we can rely on and push out to our new prospects to try to bring on new customers and partners onto the platform.

Your Heroes behind the Scenes

In today’s modern age of marketing, everyone is always telling you, oh, you have to shoot videos. It’s hard, I’ll say, because it’s not just so much the shooting of the video, it’s the editing, putting music and words and graphics, and really making the video interesting and compelling for someone else to watch. And that usually is what gets in the way of businesses creating enough video content. The major reason we started working with TeraLeap is that they just do it for us. We were able to send a kit to every one of our executive’s homes and to our customers so that the kit is ready to go, they have everything that they need, and then TeraLeap shoots the video, does all the editing, and really makes us look like rock stars in the end. We don’t have to do anything, we just look like heroes, but they’re truly the heroes behind the scenes, making it all happen for us. And it’s cost efficient.

Limitless Usefulness

When we actually got the final outputs, we could see these videos coming to life in new ways. And it gave us more inspiration to try different angles, like maybe putting posts up on LinkedIn that we weren’t originally intending to do. Or we have new email campaigns where we’re even clipping out certain pieces to leverage. We had one of our executives giving a product demo that was clearly going to be external for our customers and prospects to see. She ended up using it as part of a sales team meeting and made her sales team watch it because it was the best video that we had about our own product and how to communicate it. So we found interesting ways to make the videos go way beyond what we originally intended. And finding those new purposes was a true delight.

Bringing the Spirit to Life

We’re using a lot of the videos heavily as part of our customer acquisition process. The value and the trajectory of our business is important for new customers to see. So everyone that comes to our website and goes through our sales funnel now is hearing our CEO talk about the vision of Gooten and where we’re heading. And then that’s overlaid with all the different other assets we created so that customers can see the value of our manufacturing or our sales processes, and really, at the end of the day, what Gooten stands for. Part of our goal of creating video was to bring to life the spirit and what it really means to be working with Gooten, to understand our trajectory, and you just can’t do that with simple email messages and text. So we wanted to make sure that our customers, and more so our prospects new to Gooten that didn’t understand who we were, could hear from the actual voice of each of our executives, what it means to work with Gooten, what our future looks like, what’s our roadmap of products and services that we’re delivering, and just bring that whole value and show that externally and hear it in their own words versus just marketing speak and email. As much as a marketer as I am, it does resonate a lot better to have real words come from real people than just marketing speak.

Giving Your Brand the White Glove Treatment

We’re really excited and feel very positive about all the different videos we created. Our lead brand person, she’s really integrated into our processes, and she’s very much on top of exactly how our brand should be communicated. I think the video element gave us that extra touch that we could communicate with, and represent the brand in new ways. And she’s very conscientious about what we do and how we deliver it. And so it was great to work with TeraLeap, because they took that into consideration. And we’re constantly working to refine what we did to ultimately meet our collective set of goals. We really appreciate that.

So Much More than Pressing Record

The thing that really sets TeraLeap apart for us is the overall experience. In working with Alexander and his team, we had a concept of some videos we wanted to shoot. And you know, we’re not production people. We’re marketers at the end of the day. So we were easily able to give them our concepts, what we wanted our executives to communicate externally, and then he and his team were able to take ownership of that whole process and figure out the different questions we should ask. Here’s the way we should frame things. Here’s the way we should get our executives to speak. And that’s all just on the recording side. Once we actually saw the raw footage, they really brought it to life. They edited it down, added video, added all these little touches that I wasn’t thinking about in advance. So when I say they made our life easy, they certainly made our life easy, and then really took it to the next level for us. So we really appreciate working with them.

Earning Your Praise

We love the team at TeraLeap and all the great work they produce for us. They added value into the creative process to help us truly get the best product possible. I’m really happy to recommend TeraLeap to fellow marketers and I’ve been telling all of the agencies we work with how successful the relationship was in producing these items.

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