Docket’s Success Story


Charlie Holcomb is the Marketing Manager at Docket, a media intelligence platform for teams who want to manage better, more productive, more efficient meetings. Charlie was looking for a way for Docket’s customers to tell their use cases, their aha moments, and their wins in a compelling way. As a new startup, he didn’t have a lot of time at his disposal, so he turned to TeraLeap to manage the entire process.

Video testimonials are the most powerful

We had not tried to create testimonials before. This was our first venture into that. But we knew from previous experiences that just talking to customers is sometimes a challenge when trying to convert that over to a website or email. So bringing on TeraLeap and having them run the videos for us made it really easy. They knew what kind of questions to ask and how to format and structure a narrative that was easy to share and can be heard by a wide range of audiences. Ultimately, we want to be able to share the story of our customers so that other prospects coming to Docket can tell if we would be right for them and their team and some of the challenges they might be having around meetings. Listening to our customers say that in their own words was just the best thing for us. Video testimonials are the most powerful, but in order to get them done, there’s a lot that goes into them. Asking someone to set up their camera correctly, or to have a quality microphone, or to sit patiently while you try to describe to them what process you need to get them into—all that happens before the conversation even begins. And then shooting the thing, getting all those edits together, coming up with that story. It can be a lot of work. But the outcome is so much worth that work.

Being a small startup, our time is precious. We’re constantly racing against the clock or other competitors within the space. So by us being able to save any amount of time and not feel overwhelmed, daunted, or stressed about the whole situation makes us feel incredible.

An all-in-one, out-of-the-box, don’t-do-any-work package

Being quick to respond and helpful upfront—those are the kinds of things I look for in vendors. Those vendors are the ones who are going to answer your questions when you have them. Even if you can’t think of them in the moment, if something goes wrong, they’re going to be the ones who fix it. And then they’re going to be better business partners throughout. That’s what we try to strive to be at Docket, and I’m very grateful that TeraLeap was that for us. The customer stories product at TeraLeap is an all-in-one, out-of-the-box, don’t-do-any-work package. It truthfully was so easy. I provided some names of some of our customers, sent along an invitation to them that included a link to sign up, and TeraLeap took everything from there. Everything from sending the required materials, taking the video, and then editing it to a fantastic product. It was honestly one of the easiest experiences I’ve ever had in my work career.

TeraLeap takes it off your plate

Really, for us, it was about time. We’re a startup, we don’t have a lot of time to waste. Having TeraLeap be able to take a lot of that work off of our plate, that was really the reason we went with TeraLeap. Their responsiveness, the way they kept coming back into my inbox, I really did appreciate that because we didn’t have a whole lot of customer stories and we needed them particularly in video format so we could share those more easily.

Look like a hero

We’ve received our videos from TeraLeap, I’ve shared that with the team, and the feedback I’ve already gotten is amazing. They’re all just cheering everyone on. We’re excited to be getting those out on our website, we’re excited to be sharing them in our email newsletters and in our sales, onboarding drips, we might be featuring them on social, we might be featuring them within the product themselves just to help show different ways that other teams have been using Docket for success. And I will tell you, sharing some of those first videos with the team made me look like a hero that I really didn’t deserve. Our team is very excited to hear those stories. We’re moved by a lot of them. For us to be showing how certain teams have been using our product, the one that we’ve been working so hard to build, and our software, and to just make their lives better, it’s really cool to hear that.

An auto conversion machine

In a world overrun by software, and even in our particular category, as new as it is having so many competitors and other options out there for meeting management, the differentiation and the highlighting of different use cases will only become more important. Having these videos helps us to present a digestible, easily shareable version of that story to help put any new prospect or lead into the shoes of a Docket user who can see if it’s going to be right for them and their team. Docket is a product-lead, self-service software. Anyone can come in, start their free trial, find success in it, and begin to pay without ever speaking to one of our support staff or a member of our sales team. So having these videos included in some of those automation drips on those landing pages in the onboarding messaging really goes a long way.

TeraLeap has the process down perfect

I would absolutely recommend TeraLeap. Even if you are not a small team like we are, even if you’re a very large team, I think TeraLeap has the process down perfect. They will reach out to your customers and make you look like heroes, not only to your customers but to your team and to your prospects as well. Videos are the best way to tell a customer story. It’s in their own words, it’s often unfiltered. And it’s the fastest way to share it. Whether your customers are at their desk, or out and about on mobile, video is the best way to share those stories. I’ve already told the team that the next time we need to do videos, we’re going to be going with TeraLeap. That’s how easy it is.

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