Powering Up Your Events

How to erase doubt, build trust, and increase engagement, before you even speak

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We’ve had some pretty long articles in this series. 

So to give us you a break we’ve condensed this next one down.

And honestly, it wasn’t hard.

Because this idea is so simple to implement

But first, a quick reminder. 

Our series comes down to this:

There are so many ways you can reuse your video case studies that most companies aren’t doing.

If we had to put this into a quick heuristic rule for your thinking, it would be:

Use your video case studies wherever you need trust in order to get your desired outcome.

Of course, you need buckets of trust at events – so you absolutely can and should repurpose your customer success stories for your in-person or digital events. 

Use customer social proof to stand out at your…

  • Industry talks
  • Digital events
  • And expos

And here are just a few ways you can do it.

Audience Warm-Up Story Clip

Whether digital or in-person, you can presell, build trust and increase engagement with your audience before the event even begins.

Just by using your existing video case studies. 

It’s pretty amazing – your own customers function as warm-up acts for your big performance. 

How To Do It:

Use a story clip on your pre-show setup, like we did here:

Here, a video of John Bender of Crowdbotics plays on repeat while the countdown timer in the bottom left does its thing.

And if you’re worried viewers will turn off or tune out, stats show that 62% of viewers will watch a business-related video to the end of it, if it’s under 60 seconds42 

You can also put together bumper reels of your best customer success stories for use in expos to attract attention and offer social proof for your claims. 

Speaking of…

Tantalizing Highlight Reels For Live Conferences + Expos

Make use of your video success stories for live events by producing a video that showcases your most impressive and/or persuasive stories.

These can explain your value proposition in a longer video that loops.

This plays with closed captioning, sound can be enabled or muted depending on your needs and should also include a QR code for prospects to submit their email for a free lead magnet so they can be followed up with by your sales team.

Here’s how it looked at a recent event we attended:

We used two screens to maximize our impact

TeraLeap CEO, Alexander Ferguson, was totally unhappy with how it looked

This type of video works almost like an extra member of staff, preselling and pitching in vivid color to anyone passing by.

And with a QR code on the video or display itself, prospects can put themselves on your list, even when you and your staff are busy talking to people.

Increasing Attendance and Engagement

Whether applied to your signup pages, thank you pages, or after-event pages, you can boost attendance and sign-ups by using your video case studies. 

Using well-targeted clips to back up your claims and generate excitement about the event is a surefire event booster.

This is especially effective if you have videos of customers who came to you via your digital events because it’s a perfect match for your audience. 

Beyond that, you can use customer success stories in your promotion emails surrounding the digital event, both before and after, to show off your success, back up claims, and make a greater impact on follow-up sales. 


We mentioned it above, but it bears repeating: 

Use your video case studies wherever you need trust to get your desired outcome.

So yes – at conferences, digital events, and expos. 

But really, they apply to your whole funnel. 

And also to your employees’ emails, your sales team’s strategy, and as we’ll learn in the next and final article – even for your training.

Join us for the last in our series, Irresistible Insights For Better Training, where we’ll show you exactly how you can use your customer success stories to:

  • Level up your marketing and sales team
  • Improve your products
  • And support your customer success teams

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With examples for how we did exactly that with the insight we gathered from our customer stories. 

It’s the final piece of the puzzle. Don’t miss it. 

And if you’re not subscribed already, sign up for access to the full value of our 7-part series on the use cases for customer success stories.

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