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Welcome to our final article in the 7 use cases for video testimonials series. 

By now you’ve learned how to use video testimonials to…

  • Make a repository of useful marketing and sales assets for your teams
  • Crank up your web conversions 
  • Create killer PPC ads
  • Produce organic-feeling content for social media
  • Supercharge your email marketing
  • And increase engagement at events

But your customer success stories aren’t just useful for marketing and sales.

They’re honest accounts of your service and product, and the data within is a gold mine that’s worth way more than what you see most companies doing with them.

So once you’ve collected enough stories (around 10 or more.)

And assuming you’re interviewing customers to get actionable data for this purpose

You’ll have sufficient data to create a…

🎊 Customer Insight Report! 🎉

Yeah, it’s emoji-worthy. 

We’ll get to why this is so powerful in just a moment.

But first, let’s be clear: most companies or case study agencies don’t do this. 

And they are missing an incredible opportunity by only looking for the story.

Which admittedly is important.

However, they’re totally skipping over priceless data that can:

  • Maximize your teams’ performance
  • Speed up your sales cycle
  • Improve your products
  • And increase marketing and sales effectiveness

Because while there’s some overlap between telling a good story and asking the right questions that give you the insightful voice of customer data you need…

They definitely require some forward-thinking to prepare. 

Customer Insight Report

This is a qualitative data report, built from the insights gathered from your video case studies.

It supports a deep understanding of the motivations and lived experience of your customers, including their:

  • Awareness level
  • Pains
  • Hesitancies
  • Outcomes
  • Dreamstate
  • And their before/after states

These insights can be synthesized into a research document with incredible utility across your company. 

Think of it as a single source of truth for your customers’ stories. 

Because there are commonalities among your customers.

And the more clarity you have on what those commonalities are and how they influence prospects’ decision-making…

…the better your messaging, sales pitches, and product can cater to those customers’ experiences and expectations. 

In fact, the customer insight report can support all four of your most valuable teams.

For Your Marketing Team

Knowing how and why your customers bought, and what their experience was after purchasing is fundamental to enabling your marketing team’s success. 

With these insights, they can better target your prospects and customers alike, creating messaging and campaigns that cut to the heart of your market’s desires. 

How We Did It: 

Problem: During our interviews, we discovered people thought using TeraLeap would involve a lot of hassle and effort. This kept coming up in the interviews around their ‘before’ state.

Solution: When we approached our next round of messaging on our website, ease of use became a prominent message in our efforts, taking the second most prominent position in our home page’s “How” section.

For Your Sales Team

Discovering the most common hesitancies and obstacles for prospects to buy enables sales to be more specific and prepared when it comes to closing the sale. 

Better still, these insights can go deep into demographics to allow granular targeting of your sales materials to prospects. 

How We Did It: 

Problem: We discovered an even greater number of people entered our funnel with the belief that the video quality of our video testimonials would be poor. A lot of them thought it would involve conferencing apps like Zoom. Several people mentioned Zoom specifically. 

Solution: We crafted the priority message in our “How” section to specifically mention the quality of the video asset our prospects would get, even mentioning Zoom directly. 

Because it was such a common objection we wanted this message to be loud and clear for skimmers of the page. Our crosshead above the “How” section was written with this in mind. 

We also added more examples of video testimonials from our own customers to show off the quality. 

Since then, our sales team hasn’t encountered that specific objection – leaving them more time to focus on the benefits and solutions for prospects.

For Your Product Team

A surprising number of companies don’t have insight into what their customers like (or don’t) about their products and services. 

But your video success stories can offer insights to your product team for tweaking existing products and identifying new product opportunities that fit with your business goals.  

How We Did It:

Problem: Throughout our interviews, we discovered customers had a specific desire for something we were not yet offering: to have ready-made content for social media promotions. 

Solution: We created Stories Plus, an add-on that offers customers ready-made content for social media selected by our team using the most compelling portions of their customers’ interviews. 

For Your Customer Success teams

If you know where your customers struggle to use your product, the most common sticking points, or the details that confuse rather than inspire – you can better train your customer success team to support your customers. 

This will help you strategically allocate resources for assets and training based on real customer data and insights, rather than guesswork.  

How We Did It:

Problem: In interviews, a few customers expressed frustration at not being able to talk in person with someone about the video production before the video was finalized. 

Solution: We added a Video Review Session on a live call into our process. All customers now have an opportunity to meet with our producer face-to-face and discuss how they want their video to look and give feedback. 


That concludes the final article in our 7 Lucrative Ways To Turbocharge Marketing + Sales With Your Video Case Studies series. 

We’ve covered a lot of ground, and if you’ve stuck it out to the end then we want to say a big thank you for reading. 

By now, hopefully it’s clear that there are far more opportunities to repurpose customer success stories than just leaving them on your website or on simple case study pages. 

We’ve covered a handful of those use cases, including:

  1. Sales Enablement
  2. Web Conversions
  3. Ads/PPC
  4. Social Media
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Events
  7. Customer Insights 

But that’s only the beginning.

Business is always evolving and we think video case studies are quickly moving from being a nice-to-have to a must-have.

As that happens, we’re sure more use cases will be discovered. 

If you’ve followed the series, you now have a huge advantage over your competition.

By empowering your business to use this versatile tool, you’ll get an immense ROI from these humble assets. 

And perhaps you’ll discover some new ways to use them. 

If you do, we’d love to hear about it, so shoot us an email at  

But as we mentioned in the Powering Up Your Events article, the basic premise of these use cases can be boiled down to one simple heuristic:

Use your video case studies wherever you need trust in order to get your desired outcome.

One final note: These use cases rely on you having a forward-thinking process, one that delves beyond the superficial story and into the depths of a customer’s experience before, during, and after using your product. 

It requires carefully prepared questions, an experienced interviewer, proper sound and lighting equipment, and an editing team that knows how to take the raw footage and craft something compelling out of it. 

But as you gather and learn from these video case studies, you’ll be empowering your business and teams to do more with what you have, and correct any misunderstanding about your customers. 

Helping you to increase your sales cycle, boost your generated leads, and power up your conversions. 

To learn more about getting your customer success stories handled, without all the work, click here.

And if you’re new to the series or missed any of our other articles, click here now to subscribe for full access to the entire series: 


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