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Imagine a page full of your customers’ happy faces.

And a story behind each one.
Beautiful customer videos aren’t just for big-biz. See how TeraLeap gives you gorgeous testimonial videos and one less thing to worry about.

Testimonials on Easy Mode.

“We put the production on autopilot and say, look, this is essentially an extension of our team, they may as well be in-house.”

John Bender
DoM | Crowdbotics

Step One and Done.

“Once you put that customer in touch with TeraLeap you don’t have to do anything until you receive that video back and that’s the thing that we love.”

Josh Lowy

You shouldn't have to learn a new profession to get your customers on camera

It’s the marketers dream. A wealth of happy customers with stories to tell.

Except… they’re busy, you’re busy. You don’t want to bug them or jeopardize your relationship. Even though their story would be a great asset.

And when you do get them to say yes, the real hard work begins. You’ll have to:

  • Figure out the right questions to ask for the best story
  • Find the right recording software to ensure quality
  • Or hire a camera crew, rent equipment, plan logistics
  • And work with all the schedules to bring it together

It’s a resource-intensive process for a result that can be underwhelming if any of those elements don’t work perfectly.

But with TeraLeap, it’s as simple as a single step.

It takes a lot of work to get a great testimonial. Luckily - you don’t have to do any of it.

Your Single Step: Get the Yes

You have a great customer. We give you proven email templates to ask for a testimonial. You CC us in when they say ‘yes’. Done.

Here’s what we do
while you get back to what matters:

Step 1

Schedule The Interview

After you’ve CC’d us into the conversation we carefully take over the reins for you. Our customer care team will get your customer scheduled for their 45-minute interview and gently remind them when the process slows down. Meanwhile…

Step 2

A Studio in a Box

Our team has already paid for a professional video kit to be sent to your customer, wherever they are in the world. The kit includes a tripod, light ring, lavalier mic, and a brochure on best practices for setting up their space. So they have everything they need to power up their smart phone for studio-quality recording.

Step 3

Set-Up with the Pros
When it comes to the interview, our trained video producer will use the first 10 minutes to guide your customer in:
  •  Setting up the equipment
  •  Finding the right spot in their home or office
  • And getting the right lighting, sound and environment for the scene

Putting your customer at ease so they can be their best selves on camera and confidently tell their story.

Step 4

The White Glove Interview

The interview begins by using licensed tech to enable your customer’s smartphone to record in up to 4K – no compression, no Zoom.

Our interviewer then uses carefully structured story-centric questions to unearth a narrative that prospects can relate to. We follow interesting tangents and bring the interview back on track when necessary. Walking your customer through the entire process. Step by step.

Step 5

The Editing Suite

Our editorial team with over 25+ years combined experience will analyze the raw footage and cut together the most compelling and persuasive elements of your customer’s interview. Any brand assets, graphics, or text callouts you’ve given to us are added into the polished 2-minute video that showcases your success through the eyes of your customer.

The result is a persuasive story that speaks to your prospects in words they understand.

Step 6

Revisions For Everyone

Your video includes two free rounds of revision for you and your team, which makes it easy for you to get each story told exactly the way you want.

But your customer has unlimited revisions. This means they never have to worry about how they’ll come across, what they say, or how they say it – lowering the pressure and improving the results.

Step 7

Your Biggest Wins Out There – Without the Work

Your video is delivered to your inbox within 14 days of the interview. It’s ready to be used in your next campaign, webpage or prospect outreach immediately.

You also get complete raw footage (and all the rights) for repurposing into new assets plus searchable interview transcripts.

Be as involved as you want

Brand Awareness

“Our lead brand coordinator is really integrated into our processes, and she’s very much on top of exactly how our brand should be communicated. TeraLeap took that into consideration.”

Mark Kapczynski
CMO | Gooten

Dashboard Delights

“The process in terms of the automated scheduling, tracking of the video production through their dashboard. The visibility I have into where things stand is extremely helpful.”

William Wickey
Head of Growth | Vitally

Or not...

Nothing To It

“We just provided the email addresses and the rest was taken care of.”
Clay Walsh
DoM | The Wild

If your prospects knew what your customers know - they'd have bought already.

Get fresh testimonials for all your webpages and every campaign. 

3 Pack of Customer Stories


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Here's why you're safe with TeraLeap:

Money-back Guarantee
You’ll love your first video testimonial. But if you don’t we’ll offer you a full refund. No quibbles. No fuss. No problem.
Terms and Payment Plans
Cashflow-friendly payment plans are also available if you’re looking to scale your testimonial content on a budget.

Grow faster with trust-building
on every
webpage & campaign 

Let the customers that love you tell the whole world
Money-back Guarantee
You’ll love your first video testimonial. But if you don’t we’ll offer you a full refund. No quibbles. No fuss. No problem.
Terms and Payment Plans
Cashflow-friendly payment plans are also available if you’re looking to scale your testimonial content on a budget.

Grow your library of powerful
customer stories effortlessly

A Simple Guide to Get More Testimonials

A Simple Guide to Get More Testimonials

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