Clay Walsh from The Wild for TeraLeap


Hear from Clay Walsh, Director of Marketing for The Wild on why she trusts TeraLeap to create customer testimonial videos.

You Choose the Customers, TeraLeap Does the Rest

This was a really cool package. We were offered an opportunity to choose three, maybe four of our customers and then it would all be handled by the TeraLeap team. Our job was to identify the customers and help craft the questions. And then outside of that, there really wasn’t anything that we needed to do. We just provided the email addresses and the rest was taken care of. To have this offloaded from us was a great opportunity, so we jumped at the chance. The pricing was reasonable and the process was low touch. It’s been seamless working with TeraLeap.

Total Asynchronous Collaboration

After we identified the customers and they agreed to do it, the TeraLeap production team took it from there and did the scheduling, the kits were sent out to them, I didn’t have to do anything but provide the addresses. And then the interviews happen without us needing to get involved besides giving initial input to the questions. Those interviews just rolled along and then we got a spreadsheet that showed us exactly the status of everything. “Here’s the link on Vimeo and provide your comments,” which I thought was great. That really helped identify exactly the point where we needed to make a comment or question if this was the right footage or how that would work. I felt like we could do that really well asynchronously, and we never had to get together. So that was good, because working remote and being busy, we could just get back to each other when we were able to.

A Full Marketing Package

I’m really excited because we launched the customer videos on our landing page, which is We’ve had that page up for a while, but it was mostly logos, a couple of quotes, and a few case studies in the form of blog posts. So now on the website, we have three customer testimonial videos, and we’ve created some custom graphics to match them across the board. You can watch the video on YouTube, or you can read more and go right into the blog post. TeraLeap provided us the transcripts, and we were able to get those into long form content. So now we not only have the video, but we have the blog post, and the image and all the content, which is great. Some people do better reading, some people just want to watch the video, but it’s excellent for SEO purposes. So it really helps us. And I’m happy that our customers landing page has more deep content.

Polished, Professional, Practical

I’m so happy that we finally got over this hump of not having testimonial videos from our customers. They’re beautiful videos that are very impactful. I really enjoyed the splashes of graphics and pulling out quotes on the videos. I think that was really impactful as well. And I’ve gotten some great feedback, our sales team is already sending them out to customers and leads. I think they’re just going to do really well for us. I’m really pleased.

A Big Morale Booster

Every time we finished a project in The Wild, we posted to our Slack channel, and the TeraLeap testimonials were blowing up with so much excitement from the customer success team to the sales team. We’re thrilled, they’re really happy with it, they’re sending them to their leads and customers and everybody feels really proud of the work and it’s great. As a small company, we have such high touch with our customers, and to just feel them giving back in this way, to share how much they really do value using our product at The Wild, it feels so good to see that, and now it’s on tape.

Your Customers Are Your Best Sales Team

I would definitely recommend to others that are working in this fast-paced space, check out TeraLeap. It was a really cool process, it was easy and hands off. I put in some input in the beginning, provided feedback along the way, just had to make those connections between the customer and TeraLeap, it’s money well spent. We create our own videos all the time—tutorials, promotional videos, but nothing beats hearing it straight from the customer’s mouth, especially customers that so fit the profile of the users of The Wild. I’m thrilled. We’re just getting our website page launched. The next steps are going to be a concerted email campaign, along with other nurture campaigns, possibly some lead generation campaigns over email, and we know we’re going to share it out on LinkedIn. I have a really good feeling that our customers are going to share it as well. Anyone looking to do testimonial videos, especially with customers, they should give it a try. It really is affordable, with high value. I think the ROI it pays for itself. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

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