Surefire Local Success Story


Steven Eastlack is the Marketing Manager for Surefire Local, which offers an all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses. Steven wanted to communicate the unique value of the Surefire Local platform through professional video testimonials of enthusiastic existing customers. But he didn’t want to break the bank, and didn’t have the time to manage the process. So he turned to TeraLeap.

Your Customers Are Your Best Marketers

It’s always been an issue to create content with our customers, with so many parties involved with finding time that works. The few times we’ve attempted to create videos in the past, customers will send videos that are poor quality, they’re not really looking at the camera, their audio doesn’t come through, they’ll record it vertical-wise instead of horizontal, they ramble, they don’t stick to talking points. We all know your customers are your best marketers. Any way you can show social proof of companies actually using our platform and finding success with it is far, far better than just throwing in stats on the website landing page. TeraLeap has been that one-stop shop that handles all communication, all coordination, and makes it easy for our customers to record these videos.

The Entire Process Managed for You

The top reason I would absolutely recommend TeraLeap is they just make everything so stress-free and simple. And just having a team help us manage the workflow of reaching out to our customers, engaging them to pick a time on the calendar, get them to commit to sticking with that time and not rescheduling a whole bunch of times, and just answering any questions, made everything really simple because I myself didn’t have the time to take on the project. It’s always been a dream of our team to create these testimonial videos, so we leaned on TeraLeap to help us through every stage. We take pride in our customer service and support, and it was such a huge sigh of relief and appreciation for TeraLeap to deliver that customer service as well.

High-Quality Content for Every Purpose

I can’t think of anything that can make this process better. Having the spreadsheet that tracks all performance activity, I knew exactly when the customers were recording their videos with TeraLeap. They sent us links to access the draft video to review and provide feedback and see the whole timeline mapped out. It was really convenient. I feel excited because now we have this vertical, high-quality content we can use for our sales teams to reach out to our prospects in our emails, social media, ads, and we’re going to start YouTube remarketing. There is a plethora of opportunities to use these videos.

Convert Leads, Boost Morale

One aha moment was the appreciation from inside our company. Everyone was so excited to watch these videos, to know that we have them. Our sales team didn’t hesitate to reach out to their prospects with these videos. Day one, we announced them on our Slack channel, they were pulling them and sharing them with their prospects. And our customers are very appreciative that we thought of them in this endeavor. We are just starting to get verticalized, and having these videos gives us a leg up already, because it’s high, high quality, very relevant information that people can relate to. More so than a standard marketing message. We have a lot of plans for these testimonial videos. We’re starting YouTube remarketing for the first time. Now we have the video content to be able to do that. Google ads, Facebook ads—we’re using these videos to create very impactful ads. And our sales team has already taken the videos and run with them, sharing them with any kind of prospects.

The Whole Process at a Fraction of the Cost

I absolutely recommend TeraLeap to anyone looking for help in recording these videos. They take the lead and it takes it off your plates, very stress free. It’s simple. It’s very effective. They manage the whole back and forth. And TeraLeap does a great job of managing the workflow, answering any questions, scheduling the recordings, rescheduling them if needed, and just making the customer feel comfortable talking on camera, which is not easy to do. And one thing that really stood out as we looked into companies was the price. We spoke with a few who would create one video for six times the cost of three with TeraLeap—and they didn’t have the process behind video that goes above and beyond to make the customers comfortable.

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